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Riding the Rough: A Detailed Review of gravel cycling wheels in 2023

gravel cycling wheels are some of the most important components of any bike ride. Whether it’s a casual ride or a grueling race, the wheels can be the difference between success and failure. In a sport like gravel cycling, where the terrain can range from road surfaces to mud and loose rocks, the wheels you choose can help give you the right grip, stability, and comfort for whatever you’re riding.

The options and technology have never been better, and in order to aid anyone looking to upgrade their ride, this article is going to give you a detailed account of the most popular gravel cycling wheels in 2023. The goal is to make sure that you have the best knowledge and information available, so you can make an informed decision and ride confidently into any terrain.

Starting the discussion is the Carbon G-CX 2.0 Gravel Wheelset from Easton. This particular wheelset has become one of the most popular and recommended options out there. It has a lightweight design, being only 1,750 grams (3.85 lbs), which isn’t too surprising when looking at the fact that the rim material is carbon. This is definitely an option for anyone looking to upgrade their wheels in terms of agility, weight, and stiffness. The wider rim design also adds significant comfort to the ride.

The stiffness of these wheels will depend on your tire size, but the rim has an internal width of 21mm and an external width (including tire) of 44mm. As far as the grip is concerned, the hubs are created to minimize drag and maximize power transfer. The spoke pattern is also good for getting grip and improving power transfer. All in all, the Easton Carbon G-CX 2.0s are a great choice for anyone who needs efficiency and performance on their bike.

Next on the review list is the Bontrager Aeolus Comp TLR Disc Road Wheelset. This wheelset does offer an alternative choice between light weight and dampening. Weighing in at 1,819 grams (4 lbs) this wheelset is heavier than the Easton, but it pays for itself in the form of excellent ride quality and durability. It has an internal rim width of 19mm, and an external width of 35mm.

The spokes of this wheelset are made with a 24-spoke pattern, where each spoke is butted twice for improved durability. The hubs have disc brakes and tubeless ready rims. As for the stiffness and grip that you get out of this wheelset, it’s excellent. It offers good power transfer, even on bumpy rides, while still providing decent comfort. For anyone looking for more control over their ride, these wheelset is a great choice.

Finally, the last wheelset we’ll be looking at is the Hunt Adventure Cross MK2 Wheelset. This particular set offers a lightweight yet stiff option. The MK2 weighs in at only 1,543 grams (3.4 lbs), which is pretty impressive considering the strength and stiffness you get out of it. It has a 28-spoke pattern, and the hubs are ready for both centre lock and 6-bolt rotors for optimum performance.

This wheelset also has an internal rim width of 21mm, and an external width including tire of 37mm, and is designed with puncture protection and plenty of cushioning. As for the grip, it features an aggressive tread pattern and wide rims in order to give you the best traction no matter the terrain. These wheels are the perfect choice for anyone looking to move quickly and efficiently without sacrificing comfort.

No matter which set you choose, at the end of the day, the best gravel cycling wheels for you will be the ones that give you the comfort, control, and grip you need. Take your time to consider the options presented here, and make sure to check out the many other options on the market as well. With the right wheels, you can all but guarantee that your ride will get smoother and more enjoyable. Go forth and start riding!






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